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Mini Lumberjack

This one of my favorite shoots I did with Amy Roiland, aka (@AFashionNerd). These pictures were taken with her Nikon D5100. It to me is an amazing camera and it was the camera that started […]

  • Timothy Michael Gould

The Dragon Ring

The “Dragon Ring” is one of the posts I have been really looking forward to posting for a while now. I was never one to really wear jewelry, but lately I have taken interest in […]

  • Timothy Michael Gould (LA Style 1)

Gray Squirrel

This shoot was taken by @AFashionNerd, aka, Amy Roiland. She is a fashion blogger who after taking various photos of her inspired me to feature the clothing I like to wear. The clothing in this […]

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One of my First Photo Shoots in Los Angeles – My Journey

These pictures come from one of the first photo shoots I had in Los Angeles. They were taken in a Downtown loft not far from USC. At the time I just moved to Los Angeles […]

About Me

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 8.01.45 PMNot everyone comes from the same path in life, and as for this guy, Timothy Michael Gould, this rings true. He is a tenacious individual who’s grateful for every life experience he’s had, although some have been very trying, once leaving him homeless on the streets of Los Angeles. He has learned to grow from the tough times life has dealt him and believes that the challenges in life are what define us.

He is determined to succeed here in Los Angeles, and build on what he loves and is naturally talented at: composing music with a discipline in orchestral scores.

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